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Educational Workshops in schools

We are regularly asked to deliver talks and workshops to students on issues such as contraception, STDs, consent and other issues relating to sexual and reproductive health. 

Loréa and Raisa have both obtained certificates from the NSPCC E-Learning Platform which offers training and resources in safeguarding and child protection. They have both completed the Talk Relationships training to enable them to deliver inclusive sex and relationships education in schools. 


Get in touch if you would like to find out more about these workshops.


Stay & Play for teenage parents and their children

Following the success of the pilot project in 2022, the Elles Foundation in collaboration with the National Children’s Council (NCC) decided to replicate and deliver Stay & Play to the local community to enable more teenage parents and young children to be able to easily access the benefits of this playgroup. 


Stay & Play now takes place fortnightly on Fridays from 10 – 11.30am and is open to all teenage parents and their children aged 5 and under. We have recently linked up with Airtel who have offered up their Canteen space at the Perseverance Office to ensure easy accessibility to the Perseverance and neighbouring communities. 


The aim of the Early Years Stay and Play model is to work with children and families to encourage them to play and learn together to improve attachments, strengthen bonds and children's overall development. It promotes confidence in parents, which in turn promotes a stronger parent-child relationship.


During the session, parents and children have access to numerous activities including arts & craft, messy and creative play, construction, role play and fine / gross motor opportunities. Each session ends with circle time which consists of a story followed by nursery rhymes. Parents are encouraged to join in and encourage their children to sing and do the actions.  


Additional support for the teenage parents is also provided at each session in the form of short workshops, educational talks and Q&A sessions to explain and advise on important parenting, health and social issues such as oral health, nutrition, sexual health and domestic violence.

Project supported by NCC and Airtel


Elles Share & Care Parcels

Through our work with the teenage parents, we have discovered that many of them are unable to return to education or find employment due to being unable to afford childcare. These young girls find themselves with limited or zero financial support as access to social welfare has to be obtained through their parents or legal guardian. As such, many of the girls appear to be living below the poverty line, unable to afford basic provisions such as food, clothes and essential items including nappies for their children. 


We have partnered with our local community and STC to put together food parcels which can be distributed to those in need that we come into contact through our projects. 


We are always looking for donations so please get in touch if this is a cause you can support. 

Project supported by STC

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